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Topics that can be received in the online training include:

  1. Growth of ADR in the USA

  2. Family Mediation Process

  3. Laws in Mediation

  4. Negotiation Lecture 1

  5. Negotiation Lecture 2

  6. Ethics in Mediation

  7. Professionalism in Mediation

  8. Mediating With Lawyers

  9. Mediating Financial Issues

  10. Marketing a Mediation Practice

  11. The Memorandum of Understanding Lecture 1

  12. The New Civil District Court for the Parish of Orleans Mediation Program

  13. High Conflict Mediations

  14. Family Systems Theory

  15. The Emotional Aspects of Divorce

  16. Mediating With Blended Families

  17. Child Development

  18. The Memorandum of Understanding Second Lecture

  19. Marketing a Mediation Practice Second Lecture

  20. Opening Statement of a Civil Mediation

Mediation Training Company offers family mediation and divorce mediation services to separating and divorcing couples and to families in Louisiana and Mississippi. We also offer basic and advanced civil and family mediation training online and in person to those individuals conducting mediations.  In other words, we train mediators how to mediate as well as work directly with people who are in a dispute and in need of the services of a mediator.

With our mediation training, professionals can receive mediation training online and in person in New Orleans, Louisiana. Basic and advanced mediation training are also occasionally offered in conjunction with the Mississippi Bar Alternative Dispute Resolution Section. The training is designed so that registrants can receive up to one-half of the required hours of basic or family child custody mediation training online, with the remainder of the training being offered in a live setting that features lectures, interactive role plays, dynamic discussion, and demonstrations.

Please note that all twenty (20) hours of the online training qualify for the Louisiana Mediation Registries and for mediation training hours required by the Louisiana mediator qualification statutes, but that only four (4) hours of the online training are recognized by the Mandatory Continuing Legal Education Committee (MCLE) of the Louisiana Supreme Court. The MCLE Committee only recognizes four (4) hours of online training each calendar year.

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