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I Have Received Mediation Training. How Do I Register to Be on a List of Certified Mediators?

One of the common questions that we receive from those who have taken a Louisiana family mediation training course is,

I am a Louisiana lawyer and I have been admitted to the Louisiana State Bar. What do I do now to register as a certified family mediator in Louisiana? I know that that topic was covered in the Mediation Training Company class, but I forgot how to do this.

A variation of this question also comes from other professionals who have taken one of our classes. The professionals who are allowed to become family mediators in Louisiana are those professionals who have received a four year college degree, have completed 40 hours of general and family mediation training from a qualified mediation training provider, and who are attorneys, psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, marriage and family counselors, professional counselors, and members of the clergy.

Our typical response to those individuals who contact us is:

1. You a now a qualified mediator after having completed our training and having the

requirements stated in the Louisiana Mediator Qualifications Statute, La. Rev. Stat. 9:334. You can start mediating today if you have the clients. You can now hold yourself out as a Qualified Louisiana Family Mediator.

2. But if you want to be on a court list, you will have to provide your bar number and your

mediation training certificate that you received from us. If you want to be on the Louisiana

statewide list of qualified family mediators, you can go the LSBA website and see the

requirements. That website can be found in the following link:

The web page at the end of this paragraph contains additional information on mediation training in Louisiana, including the following:

Louisiana Mediator Registry Requirements

Application - Civil Mediator Register

Application - Child Custody Visitation Register

Application - Juvenile Mediator Register

Louisiana Mediator Registry

ADR Training Providers

At Mediation Training Company, located in the Great New Orleans, Louisiana area, we provide training in family mediation, conflict resolution, arbitration, civil mediation, and online mediation training. For more information, please browse our web site or contact us on the Internet at or by phone at (504) 302-2462.

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