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Want to Learn about Preparing for Hurricane Property Damage Mediations?

If you want to learn about preparing for hurricane property damage mediations, please listen to the following podcast that was taped on Saturday, August 12, 2023 on the WWL Radio “All Thing Legal” show with attorneys Albert Nicaud and Doug Sunseri. In the podcast, Nicaud and Sunseri interview Professor Bobby Harges, a MAPS mediator (, attorney, and a professor of law at Loyola University New Orleans College of Law about the following topics:

What is a hurricane mediation?

How to Prepare for a Hurricane Mediation

Working with Your Lawyer at a Hurricane Damage Mediation

How to Help Your Lawyer Negotiate the Best Settlement Possible at a Hurricane Mediation

Negotiating Attorney Fees and Bad Faith Damages at a Hurricane Mediation

How Long Does a Hurricane Mediation Last?

What Happens at a Hurricane Mediation?

Who Pays for a Hurricane Mediation?

The audio to the podcast is available on the website. Here are the two podcast links:

The discussion of hurricane mediations begins at 15:08.

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