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Virtual Family and Civil Mediation Training Program

Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday,
July 13, 14, 15, 2022.

This mediation training will be conducted on the Zoom platform with breakout rooms for simulations, exercises, and role plays. The training will include training for mediations done in person as well as online. This is all the training you need to become a qualified family or civil mediator in Louisiana and Mississippi.

To register for classes, visit our website or contact us at mediationtrainingcompany@cox.net or at 504-302-2462.

The training is composed of two parts, 20 hours of virtual live training on the Internet on July 13, 14, 15, 2022, as well as 20 hours of On-Demand self-paced training. The On-Demand self-paced training should be taken before the live virtual training. The twenty (20) hours of On-Demand online training will introduce new mediators to the various ADR processes and specifically to the family mediation process as it is practiced in Louisiana.

The dynamic On-Demand online training presents a variety of topics that are of interest to family mediators and that are required by La. R.S. 9:334. Presentations include the opening statement, Louisiana laws regarding mediation, the basics of negotiation, ethics in mediation, professionalism in mediation, mediating with lawyers, mediating financial issues, marketing a mediation practice, the memorandum of understanding, high conflict mediations, family systems theory, the emotional aspects of divorce, mediating with blended families, and child development.

The twenty (20) hours of virtual live mediation training on Zoom will teach mediators how to handle the tough issues that arise in family and civil mediations and how to break impasse and reach agreement.

The training will provide mediators all the training hours needed to become “qualified” mediators in Louisiana and in Mississippi. The virtual live training will be held on the Zoom platform.

Our training is designed for professionals in Louisiana who are licensed as attorneys, psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, marriage and family counselors, professional counselors, or clergymen who want to become qualified family and civil mediators and to remain qualified under La. R.S. 9:334 and La. R.S. 9:4106. After completing the live training, new mediators who have taken the online training will have all the training needed to mediate civil and child custody and visitation disputes in Louisiana.

The training also will qualify Mississippi lawyers who need the 14 hours of mediation related training to be included in The Mississippi Bar's Mediator Directory.

Finally, the family mediation training will also benefit experienced family and civil mediators who need continuing mediation education. Participants can register for one or more days of the training depending on additional training that they need.