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Online Civil Mediation Training (20 hours)

Get Your Civil Mediation Training Today!

Why wait? There is no better time than now to get your Civil Mediation Training. We have all the training hours necessary to get you trained as a Civil Mediator in Louisiana and Mississippi. During our course, which is 100% online, on the Internet, you will learn the basics of how to be a civil mediator.

In our twenty-hour Internet based mediation training program, you will obtain the skills necessary to help you settle civil cases that are brought to mediation. In addition to learning the various ADR processes and the  basics of the mediation process, you will learn: (1) how to conduct the opening statement; (2) how to conduct the joint session and the caucus; (3) the negotiation process; (4) how to break impasses; and (5) how to market your services as a mediator.

The entire training is online. Participants will participate in exercises and role plays that  will demonstrate every aspect of the civil mediation process. Trainees will get a chance to observe mediation demonstrations and participate in mediation simulations. Every exercise will be debriefed with the goal of learning the best approaches to accomplishing the specific goals. This training will also provide basic instruction on the family mediation process.

Each participant will receive a training manual with the necessary documents that they need to begin mediating. Our training is approved in both Louisiana and Mississippi by the state bar associations. To register for our 20 Hours of Civil and Family Mediation Training, click here.


You can also register for 40 hours of civil and family mediation training. Ten hours of the training will be live on the web. 

Our Next Family  Mediation Training (40 hours)

Our next  40-hour (5 day) family and divorce mediation training is scheduled to be held in New Orleans, Louisiana and sponsored by Loyola University New Orleans College of Law on August 10-14, 2020.  Because of the COVID-19 pandemic,  this training will also be offered entirely on the Internet.


After this training, qualified professionals who are licensed as attorneys, psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, marriage and family counselors, professional counselors, or clergymen will have all the training they need to become qualified mediators in Louisiana. Please note that the term “certified mediator” does not exist in Louisiana as Louisiana does not certify mediators. After taking our training, you will be “qualified” to conduct all types of family and civil mediations.​

Certified Mediators in Louisiana and Mississippi


Lawyers in Louisiana and Mississippi who want to be civil mediators will benefit from our two days of mediation training. Remember that Louisiana does not regulate the private practice of  civil mediation. But most lawyers may wish to take a two-day program like ours to learn the essentials of civil mediation.


Also, note that Mississippi requires mediators who want to be on the Mississippi Bar ADR Register of Mediators to have fourteen hours of mediation training and six hours every two years thereafter. For more information about the requirements for mediators in Mississippi, click here.  To register for the five days of mediation training in August, please click here. Please contact us if you have any questions about our training.

Moreover, if you cannot attend one of our scheduled programs and are interested in live family or civil mediation training at other times, please send us an email and let us know what type of training you would like. We can accommodate small groups of at least ten people and others who might be interested in training in small settings.