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How to Become a Mediator

Updated: Sep 30, 2023

One of the frequently asked questions about mediation is, “How do I become a mediator?” This entry discusses how to become a mediator in the states of Louisiana and Mississippi.

How to Become a Family Mediator in Louisiana

La. Rev. Stat. §9:334 discusses what is necessary to become a qualified family mediator in Louisiana. It is important to note that the statute does not discuss how to become “certified mediator” because Louisiana does not certify. Under this statute, professionals who are licensed need 40 hours of training. That is basically five 8 hour days of mediation training that will cost about $1,200. Others who are not licensed professionals need 68 hours or about eight 8 hour days of mediation training. La. Rev. Stat. §9:334(1)(a) requires a four-year college degree in order to be a qualified mediator. This provision is for people who

are not licensed. They need 40 hours of general training and 20 Hours of Louisiana specialized training in child custody disputes. These individuals also need 8 hours of co-mediation training. The com-mediation training is the simulated mediation training or roleplay training that is covered in most mediation programs.

However, licensed professionals in any of the specified professions need 12 hours of general mediation training and 20 hours of specialized training in mediation and child custody disputes. They also need 8 hours of co-mediation training. The licensed professionals who can become family mediators in Louisiana are attorneys, psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, and marriage and family counselors. All mediators in the state of Louisiana must complete the 8 hours co-mediation training from a program approved by the Louisiana State Bar Association ADR Section.. This training is the

simulated training that is normally conducted during the 40 hours of mediation training. It could be completed in the field if you are working with a mediator who has served a minimum of 50 hours as a family mediator. Mediators who prior to August 15, 1997, served a minimum of 50 hours as child custody dispute mediator are not required to complete the 8 hours of co-mediation training and are qualified to supervise co-mediation training.

If you have served as a Louisiana city, parish, family, juvenile, district, appellate, or supreme court judge, you can be qualified with few hours of mediation training. Those judges who served for 10 years and who are no longer serving as a judge will be deemed qualified to serve as a mediator if they have served as a judge in family court of record or statutory family court for at least 3 years and completes a minimum of 12 hours of general mediation training. You cannot substitute specialized training for general, but you can substitute general for specialized. Those judges can also become qualified if they

complete 20 hours of specialized mediation training in child custody and visitation disputes. The idea is that family court judges already know how family court works. They know the law, they know community property, and they know custody. The specialized mediation training required must include:

1) The Louisiana judicial system and judicial procedure in domestic cases;

2)Ethical standards, including confidentiality and conflict of interests;

3)Child development, including the impact of divorce on development;

4) Family systems theory;

5) Communication skills;

6) The mediation process and required document execution. In order to remain qualified, you need to complete 20 hours of clinical education in dispute mediation every 2 calendar years. Upon request, you must furnish satisfactory evidence of your qualifications. The Louisiana State Bar Association, ADR section may promulgate rules

and regulations governing dispute mediator registration and qualifications and may establish a fee not to exceed $100 for registration associates costs.

How to Become a Civil Mediator in Louisiana

La. Rev. Stat. §9:4101- 9:4112 is the Louisiana Mediation Act for court appointed mediations in civil cases. The private practice of mediation in Louisiana is not regulated at all. That mans that people who want to serve as civil mediators in Louisiana do not have to be trained or to have any specific qualifications. That means that if you want to start mediating today, there is nothing stopping you. But it is suggested that you receive some general mediation training to learn the basics of the process.

'But if you to be listed on a court roster or register of mediators, you must initially pay $100 for each of the 3 registers. The 3 registers are child custody and visitation, civil, and juvenile. Louisiana Revised Statute Section 9:4106 is a provision that governs the qualifications of civil mediators in Louisiana who are court appointed. You have to receive 40 hours of mediation training conducted by an individual or organization approved by the MCLE committee and must be licensed to practice law in any state for not less than 5 years. To be a court appointed civil mediator you have to be a lawyer for 5 years, but if you wanted to do civil mediations where there is no court appointment, you don't have to worry about these regulations. To qualify for appointment as a mediator you have to have these requirements if you are not a licensed attorney or have not been one for 5 years, that is, 40 hours in a class setting in a course approved MCLE committee or the ADR section and must have mediated more than 25 disputes or must have engaged in more than 500 hours of dispute resolutions.

How to Become a Mediator in Mississippi

There is no rule or regulation requiring mediation training for those persons who wish to serve as mediators in private practice in Mississippi. To become a civil mediator in private practice, it is suggested that those persons interested in becoming mediators attend a mediation training seminar to learn the basics of the mediation process and how to successfully conduct a mediation. In order to mediate professionally, a mediator needs to gain experience as a mediator. Experience can be gained by attending mediations as a lawyer representing clients or by observing experienced mediators.

However, to serve as a court appointed mediator in civil cases, generally one has to be a lawyer licensed to practice law in Mississippi and have completed a minimum of fourteen hours of mediation training in a course approved by the Court Annexed Mediation Committee or by the Commission on Continuing Legal Education. The requirements to become a court‐ appointed family mediator in Mississippi are identical to those for becoming a court‐appointed civil mediator.

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